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Nostalgia and tradition

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The history of La Paella de Su, is the classic experience of Valencians who live outside the "terreta" start cooking paella for their new friends and thus was born our restaurant specializing in paella, with the illusion that being with us, one feels that "is paella" with friends.
In an open kitchen restaurant so that you do not lose detail of the preparation of our rice dishes, we offer you a menu that embraces in an orthodox way several of the recipes from all over the Mediterranean coast. From the Valencian paella, through the classic sea and mountain so rooted in Catalonia, as a Menorcan suquet, but the star of the menu is the Valencian, which is what it all started and what really excites us to cook.What you will not find here is the "typical spanish paella"with abundant and colorful ingredients, overflowing with paella, invented to suit the tastes of foreigners, without appreciating that what they may be looking for is to try something authentic and not something that matches more with the palette of flavors that they associate with Spain. Thus our paellas are extra fine, loose grain, and with "socarrat", those crunchy grains stuck to the bottom that many mistake for burnt and that are the real "black gold" of any authentic paella made in the Valencian style.

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Mediterranean atmosphere

Blue tones, reeds, bulrush, wood, ceramics, esparto grass, materials that evoke the houses of our Mediterranean coasts, cradle of our star dish, paella.


Two spaces that allow us to accommodate large groups with a capacity of up to 50 people on our lower floor, ideal for celebrations.

Open kitchen

Our kitchen is open, because we are passionate about what we do, we love you to see how we do it, we like you to witness the cooking process of your dishes and paellas and check the quality of the ingredients we use.


New projects

Very soon you will find us also in Pau Claris street, 118, in the new location we will remain the same, the same menu, but we will have spaces that can be reserved for private celebrations.

We hope you like the result.